Pure Storage provides a fast, resilient, simple to manage, and easily scalable all-flash data platform for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).
Our goal is to accelerate and support your choice of VDI technology. We work closely with Citrix and VMware to ensure you get speed and resiliency regardless of platform so you can deliver the most resilient virtual desktop infrastructure.

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Enjoy consistent sub-ms latency with 99.9999% availability.

Superior end-user experience.

Non-disruptive operations event even during upgrades


No more worries about IO variability

No more hedging with non-persistent desktops

Pre-validated blueprint to start small and grow up to 5,000 seats


Consolidate multiple Tier 1 apps without performance impact

Shrink data center power and cooling

Evergreen Storage changes ownership model for the better


Now you can deliver rich graphics-intensive workloads to your most demanding users. Pure Storage has partnered with NVIDIA to offer a validated, rich graphics virtual workstation solution that delivers a superior and mobile end-user experience – plus centralized management, cloud-simple operation, and data security.

One Architecture from Pilot to Full-Scale Deployment

Many VDI pilots work well – until it's time to scale-up the deployment and move into production. That’s where deployments often hit performance walls. Beginning with our sub-$50k FlashArray//m10, Pure Storage scales seamlessly and without disruption from pilot to thousands of users.

A Complete Solution for VDI

Looking for an integrated, pre-validated solution for VDI? FlashStack Converged Infrastructure delivers all-flash speed and resiliency for all your workloads and simple, rapid deployments that are easy to manage. Scale seamlessly as your business grows. Fully tested, fully customizable, and fully supported.

ULSD Focuses on Innovation

Replacing legacy disk with Pure Storage eliminated a critical bottleneck in ULSD's VDI. Login times were more than halved, and data reduction, at 7.4:1, made all-flash less expensive than disk. The school was free to again focus on innovating and educating.

Red Hawk Casino Wins

Pure Storage for VDI with VMware View helped Red Hawk achieve 20:1 data reduction and reduced latency to sub-ms, even under heavy load. Fast system response times meant better guest experiences and higher satisfaction.

Judson School Benefits

The speed and resilience of an all-flash array from Pure Storage for Citrix XenDesktop means teachers spend 33% more time educating, and students learn more, every day, at Judson Independent School District.

“Now we have a better environment to work in. When you look in the portal 100 times and it’s always ‘all good’ you begin to see a pattern.”
Bob Smith, Senior Project Manager
University of Louisville School of Dentistry
“From a user perspective, it means no more slowdowns. As for general user complaints about sluggish response, you just don’t see that with Pure.”
Mathew Morgan, VP of Information Technology
Red Hawk Casino
“We put the Pure Storage array into a production environment in one of our biggest schools. The end-user experience improved dramatically.”
Steve Young, CTO
Judson Independent School District

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